Isn’t it wonderful how Jesus wants us to come to Him the way we are, but loves us too much to leave us that way? Here are some stories of lives transformed by Him to encourage you in your spiritual journey. 

Marlan Glovatsky

marlan glovatsky

I came to the Portland area after college about ten years ago. Growing up on a North Dakota farm, I learned the value of a strong work ethic at a young age that I transferred into the job world. I quickly discovered, however, that there were many diversions in life that could take me down the wrong paths: I was distracted. Preoccupied with everything besides growing spiritually, I lacked direction, purpose, and vision. Through interactions with a group of business owners that I had come to respect, I saw that the picture of true success always came with a strong faith in unchangeable things. Around this same time I was introduced to the community of Sunnyside Seventh-Day Adventist Church. My wife and I were amazed at how a larger church could be so warm, welcoming and filled with individuals that stood on principles directly from the Bible. I came to establish great friendships, a stronger faith, and an in-depth love for God. I am so grateful that I am part of this community that serves and shares with others what the character of God is.

Lorrie Wescott

lorrie wescott

I was six months old when my parents were baptised as Seventh-day Adventists. I went to public grade school, then to PUA (which is now Portland Adventist Academy.) I enjoyed...

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Le Mert Scott Dorothy 7672

Scott and Dorothy Lemert

Dorothy and I have been members of Sunnyside for just under eight years, starting when I was invited to take the lead pastor position. I wish that every pastor could...

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Matt Mandrones

My wife, Shawn, and I became members at Sunnyside in 2016, about the time of our wedding. We both like the pastoral leadership and the well-planned church services. We enjoy...

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Tim Hlil Family

Tim, Heidi, Annalise and Dexter Hill

We have been members of the Sunnyside SDA church since 2006. Our daughter, Annalise, and son, Dexter, were born into the Sunnyside family. There were four main things that attracted...

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