Recent Archived Videos

A Celebration of Life of Phillip Ashton Rader

January 28, 2024 Memorial Service Homily: Pastor Seth Pierce Guest Vocalist:...

"Katallagè" Pastor Kevin Wilson

January 27, 2024 Worship Service Speaker: Kevin Wilson Ministry of Music: Elynn...

"Reconnected" Pastor Seth Pierce

January 20, 2024 Worship Service


"The Music We Make" Seth Pierce

January 13, 2024 Worship Service Speaker: Seth Pierce

"Inspiroment" Pastor Seth Pierce

January 6, 2024 Worship Service Speaker: Seth Pierce Ministry of Music: Delphiner...

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how the live stream works (geek alert!)

Four cameras are stationed in the Sanctuary and feed live video to the production booth. These feeds are then mixed by the video producer. That mix is sent to our video trans-coding (streaming) device ( which connects to YouTube. You can visit this web page or YouTube and watch the Live Stream.

what can go wrong (the production side)

  • Connections from the cameras to the video booth are impaired
  • Connections between the video mixing board and the controller are impaired
  • Network connections for the streaming device are impaired (slow internet speeds or bad wires)
  • The connection between YouTube and the streaming device breaks